The open source, standalone, fullstack .NET job orchestrator that we've been missing.

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Python has Apache Airflow, Prefect, and Dagster.

It's time that .NET joined the group.

We are in dire need of a modern, strongly-decoupled, background job processing and job orchestation platform for .NET. We need a robust platform friendly to both on-prem and cloud environments, with full support for dependency injection, asynchrony, and parallel processing.

And it just needs to work with our normal, native C# code that we are used to writing. Something that doesn't require a full crash course on distributed transactions. Instead, we want it to run anything from one method to a complex network of interconnected background jobs.

And hey, something more than a README.md on GitHub would be nice for a user interface, so how about we throw in a dashboard, too?

Let's make it realtime, mobile-friendly, and intuitive.

Enter Didact

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An Indie Hacker's Journey.

Hi, I'm Daniel, the founder of Didact, and I'm a solo, bootstrapped, indie hacker. Perhaps better said in the words of Jango Fett, I'm just a simple man making my way through the universe.

As you can probably tell, Didact is still in its infancy; a huge portion of the platform is still being coded by me right now, but I hope to have a production version ready in the next few months. Full disclaimer, I would eventually love to make this a fulltime gig, so if this platform is adopted by the community, I will likely offer something like paid support in the future to sustain the project.

If you're an interested user, a .NET fan, or an indie hacker out there in the wild west of startups wondering how to take a side project and make it something more, then join my journey!

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Stay informed

Stay informed about the latest updates or follow the founder's journey. Also, there will eventually be a commercial offering for Didact, and you will receive discounted pricing.